NEC SL2100

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The NEC SL2100 provides both great price and great reliability. Because of its intuitive features, the SL2100 is also one of the easiest to learn and use on the market today.

More built-in features - Therefore, less options to pay for. Also, the SL2100 grows with your business, making "grow as you go" upgrades friendly to the budget. Head in the clouds? Most noteworthy, the NEC SL2100 Hybrid Cloud option beats a Hosted Cloud solution every time in price and reliability. Smartphone SIP App - As a result, you can make your existing smartphone a part of the phone system. Save on mobile call costs with a single phone number. Call Routing and Contact Center software - so callers can be routed based on needs. In addition, managers can monitor agents to ensure quality customer care. In Building Wireless - Mobile wireless handsets enable users to stay connected from any location in your building. Low IT requirements - Keep IT costs down with a hassle-free system. And as a truly reliable solution – save on downtime costs and potential lost business.

7 Great Reasons To Select SL2100 Telephones over the Competition

  1. Wide-Range of Choices - Choose from IP or digital phones. Choose from 12 to 32 Programmable Buttons. Or choose "self labeling". It's up to you.
  2. Cordless options - Choices of both digital and IP cordless mobile handsets
  3. Function keys - can be adapted to the exact individual needs of your business
  4. Very Easy to Use - so little or no staff training required
  5. Gigabit built-in – thus eliminating the need of having to buy an adapter (Not available on all models)
  6. Wireless headset adapter - allows easy connection to name brand wireless headsets
  7. IP phones - with full-featured call handling keys, 5 call handling modes for personalized routing and 7 octaves of HD sound quality